Elan Vital

Elan Vital – Self discovery and Development program


Over the centuries humans have lived in harmony with Mother Nature but for the past some time, rapid urbanization has caused rapacious exploitation of the bountiful natural resources which nature has bestowed upon our planet. Citizens of today are too busy exploiting natural resources to spare a thought for future generations. Surrounded by electronic gadgets and staying in comfortable indoors, modern day humans have forgotten their original self. Children of today are also following the footprints of their seniors and the below mentioned observations have been studied

  • Children aging 6 – 18 yrs spend 27% of their time each week with electronics and only 3% outdoors
  • Today people are educated but remain environmentally unaware.
  • Children today are disconnected from things which are real

There are lot of costs attached to the habit of indoors for children like childhood obesity, attention difficulties, creativity breakdown, physical weakness and many more. This program aims at sharpening self determination skills in the children and provide practical environmental knowledge reinforcing what they learn in their classrooms

Focus Area

The whole program is divided into three sections

  • Life Skills – This section is to sharpen the skills of children required throughout their life. Team building, leadership, mindfulness, stress and motivation are some of the topics that we touch in this section.
  • Nature and Conservation – This section is to spread awareness about topics concerning Mother Nature, as awareness is the first step towards conservation.
  • Survival Skills – Children are taken out of their comfort zone for a night and made to camp inside the school premises.

The idea of the program

  • Breaking the habit of Indoors
  • To create ‘Environmentally literate citizens’. Raising an environmentally literate generation of problem solvers will help ensure that tomorrow’s decision-makers are prepared for the challenges they are likely to face
  • ‘The art of giving’ – To make them understand the need and importance of reciprocating back to those who have helped them gaining so much
  • To generate confidence and smartness in students and enable them to tackle situations in a better way
  • Give due importance to the nature and nurture aspects of development