Inspiration :

We Aim :

directorTo spot in the child the spark of excellence, wherever it lies in the spectrum of abilities and nurture it till blossoms

St. Angel’s School, Rohini was established 1n 1992 with a aim to play vital role and contribute significantly to the growth, development and management of the home, society and the nation. Our aim is to provide quality education based on our ancient culture and values. The school has achieved a fair amount of success in this direction as it evident by its performance ii the fields of education, sports and extra co-curricular activities. The students refer to their school with pride which is a fact that encourages us to continue with our incessant endeavours.

We have tried to the all round development of the students of our school. While it is important to score well in the examinations, other important aspects of personality development should not be neglected. With this in mind we involve experts in different fields, seek their advice and make int