Details of disable students
Information with regard to facilities available in unaided private school of Delhi to cater to the needs of disabled children. Compliance of order dated 01/09/2014 in WPC 1225 of 2014 titled Pramod Arora Vs LG of Delhi Zone wise inspections.
1 Name of the school St. Angel’s School
A- Block Sector15,
Rohini Delhi
2 ID of the school 1413253
2A Tel No. 011-27291521 /4021
3 Zone XIII
4 District North West B
S.No Kind of disability Facility vis-à-vis disability available or not (write yes/no) Number of such children that could be accommodated in the school if yes (if no facility available put X)
1 Blindness NA X
2 Low Vision NA X
3 Leprosy NA X
4 Hearing (impairment) NA X
5 Loco-motor disability NA X
6 Mental (Retardation) NA X
7 Mental (Illness) NA X
8 Cerebral Palsy NA X
9 Autism NA X
10 Multiple/other  1.Qualified Nurse
(Full Time).
2. Doctor
3. Ramp
5 Total Fees Charged (Gen Students) 34,900 (p.a.)
6 Total Feed Charged (Disable Students) –do–
7 No. of type of Spl Educator 01 (Type – Mental Retardation)
8 Whether information is available at Website YES
9 Website address
Certified that the information submitted above is true and correct as per my personal knowledge based upon the records of the school and if anything found false at any later stage. I shall be held responsible for the same.