Message from vice Principal


Education means the preparation for life. A child joins the school when he/ she is just a bud and when leaves he becomes a resplendent young tree. This journey does not mean only the promotion from one class to another. It means intellectual, emotional and social growth as well. Attitude and values are also inculcated and developed during this period.

Education influences and gets influenced by the developmental process. There is hardly and fields of activity or sector of development which is not influenced by education in some form or the other. Education reflects the current needs and aspirations of society as its value system in framework of board human ideals. Mahatma Gandhi had education as a means of awakening the national conscience to injustice, violence and inequality in social order.

In recent times, school education has emerged as an important segment of the total educational system expected to contribute significantly to the individual as well as the national development process.

Four guidelines principles of our school are:
1. Connecting Knowledge to life outside the school.
2. Ensuring that learning shifts away from rote knowledge to life outside the school.
3. Enriching the curriculum to provide for overall development of children rather than remain textbook centric.
4. Making examinations more flexible and integrated into classroom life.

Besides a well planned network of curriculum, a wide range of co- curricular activities are planned and organized, which are as important as your main subjects like languages, maths, science etc. parents must realize their role and importance in overall development of the child. Your child’s growth will remain incomplete if he/ she do not develop his interest in one or the other co- curricular.

So, join your hands with the school systems, from a human chain to bring the overall development of your child. Your child should be physically fit, emotionally stable, mentally alert and spiritually enlightened. Then only they will be able to make bright and progressive society and nation tomorrow.

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