Message from Senior In-charge

Lighten Up! Try Self Audit.

10 percent of our life is made up of what happens to you, whereas 90 percent is decided by how you react. So, most of the situations we find ourselves in are possibly self-created; may be only 10% are nature generated. A self-audit can help us find out how much this applies to us. I often think about the importance of self-audit especially when I see the way a majority of youngsters today is facing increasing pressures from family, peer groups and outside world.  Many find it themselves and the direction they are heading towards is somewhat alarming.

I am full of questions:  Who does the youth listen to? Who are their role models? Who influences them? What do they value most and what do they think about life? What do parents are teachers mean to them? What, according to them, is the meaning of careful are they with what they say? How sensitive are they to others pain? Are they open to correction and mindful of time & energy’s optimum use?

I observe a huge wastage of very precious nature given energy. Unmindfulness cost a lot, both to those who are so and to their near and dear ones. Blunders like wasting precious time in unproductive activities and having complete disregard for parents, teachers and other elders, carry a huge social cost.

What can we do to equip ourselves to deal with? Plenty! Zero tolerance in one’s daily life. Zero tolerance would mean that as individuals, families, communicates or citizens we have to make a conscious effort to allow positive values to triumph over the negative forces; it will immediately influence the thinking process and alter behavior, which is prevention: Self audit begins with you, me and us.

Character building will automatically start with it and we may be able to emancipate the value system in our society which marks the success and happiness in any era.