Message From School Incharges

Message from middle incharge :


“Every time god sends a child into the world, he is proclaiming that he has not lost hope in making yet”.

School is a building which has four walls with student’s tomorrow inside. We want all children, regardledd of circumstances, to achive their potential. Our task is, to make it possible and our mission is to provide practical, step by step assistance. Education should essentially make man pious, perfect and truthful. The welfare of humanity not only lies in scientific and technological advancement but above all in enriched moral character.

We, at St. Angel’s, try to generated moral leadership founded on, courage intellectual integrity and sense of value. Now a days, the youngsters are surrounded by innumerable problems and challenges, realizing their emotional imbalance, we trate them with friendly behavior and with a sense of maturity.

We will need constant support of parents in developing the positive relationship among home, school and community.

Message from Primary incharge :


“Childhood is a spring of life which spreads fragrances of innocence and purity of heart”.

We, here, at school look after the tender hearts with smiling care. In our fully air conditioned ambience, it feels home like atmosphere at school. I belive in the education, where children are empowered to take learning as feast of fun.

Colorful games, birthday celebrations and mother like teachers are hallmaks of our school. Not only the children imbibe good habits of day to day’s life but also get prepared for their next phase of life by taking them to excursion.

We also contemplate that behind every child’s success, is the gentle but firm hand of the mother. For this we involve our children in multi tasks activities. To elate parents along with their children we celebrate their children’s birthday too. It’s really a fun time for parents as well as children.

I thank the entire teachers who toil hard to prepare the future of these children. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to my manager sir and the principal mam for providing expert guidance and the best possible facilities to school. St. Angels is a best school in Rohini Delhi.