Message from incharge of Mont Department

My heart leaps up with joy when I realize that kind of Mont section enter in my branch

With their tiny steps, blooming like flowers, shining like dew drops and perfect blend of beauty and innocence.  After first stage of their saga of life, these kids come to learn the basic foundation of education.

Here is our branch; we foucs on formation of good habits through different typeds of activities. the teachers of Mont department are fully aware about the tenderness of tiny tots in omparting easy learning so that they can enjoy the blissful knowledge without feeling it uninteresting.

My affectionate teachers not only teach the children but they care them in such a manner that puts smile on face of every kid entering in school premises.

I really thank our school management to provide kids friendly ambience in our school and really feel pride to acknowledge the trust of the parents.

It gives me immense pleasure to state that our school organized mellifluous co- curricular activities.

Ambience is a train in which different bogies like painting, calligraphy, dancing, celebrations etc. are attached. It gives joy to the students. They can improve their hidden talents through such competition. We can build up the child’s confidence as well as courage to bring him up. In order to make children smart, some glorious ways are adapted. Our love, hug or a pat can motivate the child which works wonder. It offers rich incompatible talent. Astheric and spiritual values are contributed to make an innocent child into a skilled citizen of society. The success tale of our school is well heard. The saga will continue forever.

When government can think about are little kids…. then why can’t we all join are hands to create awareness, change oneself to be better parent & start a new vision of thinking.

If you wish to help an innocent child, please feel free to call at 1098, the day night childline service because your one call can give a new life to little ones.

St. Angel’s rohini is a best school in Delhi. Our education is best in comparison to all schools. St. Angel’s is providing CBSE education for students.