Message from Activity Incharge

Science of self realization

Dear Students

Throught this article, I wish to discuss with you a very essential still ignored behavior of human beings : “SELF – REALISATION

Self Realisation is a scientific process which reveals a new vision and allows you to discover yourself.

It is to know and experience directly who you really are ! By discovering the real eternal nature of “Who am I”?, true permanent happiness is attained.

When asked “ Who are YOU”, most people will answer “I am Anjali” But this name is only a title given to identify your body, just as store names such as “ Big Bazzar” are given simply to specify the store’ s presence.
In reality, “YOU” are the owner of your name and not the name itself. If this were not true, how may your mane be changes countless times even while” YOU” remain the same inside?

Self-realization is about Being what you are & not follow one another. If you practice honesty of mind, sincerity of sprit and detachment, you will know your self. If you follow others instead of being yourself, you lose your sparkle and cannot reflect the light of individuality.

Self realization is a broader term to analyse different scenario and situation & then explore what ought to be right in the said circumstance. It is an ongoing & continuous process and as student it is very important to build strong foundation at very early stage.

Through this article, I urge all my dear students to inculcate this very simple yet integral process of self realization in each activity to achieve your goal perfectly & peacefully.

The specific objectives of scheme are:
• To institutionalize essential service and strengthen sturctures.
• To enhance capacities at all systems and persons involved in service delivery.
• To create database and knowledge base for child protection services.
• To strengthen child protection at family and community level.
• To raise public awareness about child rights, child vulnerability and child protection service.

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