Life Skill Activity

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According to WHO :-

Life skills are “the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”

On 23th October’17 our school had organized LIFE SKILL ACTIVITIES for the students of class VIII. It was started around 9 am and ended up till 2.30 pm. It is important for the pupils that the school also hosts events which break up the routine and where pupils can meet different challenges to make themselves stronger. There were numerous of activities done by the students in the playground. They got engaged in the activities with full enthusiasm and determination too. It is right to say that:-

With a little creativity, you can plan activities that strengthen the school community without breaking the bank or exhausting your volunteers.

The students were divided into groups and the rules of the games were instructed.Different names were given to the groups and it was such a great task for the students. Activities were lined up by and by. Caterpillar walk was such an interesting activity in which every student has to move on their toes. Everyone tried their level best to win the game. Big Ground Hog Race is such a fantastic game where all the students tied up their hands and legs moved together with more efforts. After recess, again the students were filled with more zeal and carried on their tasks. Spring Head Race was such tiring and challenging task for the students.

“Success can be achieved by full determination and faith”.

The students have proved it strongly Drag your partner was game to show the power to each other. Or we can call it DUS KA DUM!. The students dragged each other with full strength and won it. I must say:-

“Action Speaks A Lot Than Words”.

The event was most thrilling, adventurous and rocking too. It was such a great event where all the students participated with full enthusiasm and courage. The day was very rocking and the efforts made by the team of LIFE SKILLS was marvelous and outstanding.