Best Prinicipal in Rohini Delhi Schools

Elegance and energy in every direction, We try to perform impossible under the sun’

St. Angel’s School is flourishing and blooming like banyan tree with its multifarious branches of progress. It has glorious past and bright future. Learning in this temple of knowledge is elation in itself. Here, in school, we created an ambience of affection in which learning is not a hard nut to crack. Along with imparting value based knowledge, we focus on the best possible comfort for our children.

I can hear distant music coming closer every second like rumbling of waves deep in ocean that teachers are able to ignite the fire of excellence in the hearts of our children and to train their minds to think beyond their dreams. Basking in academics accolades, our students have won laurels in music, sports and many co- curricular activities at zonal, Inter Zonal, State level too.

It is my pleasure to state that we have also strived hard to harness the power of technology to extent that it may help to improve student’s learning and efficiency of school system and processes.
To feed their mind with noble thoughts our teachers leave no stone unturned to make them obedient child of their parents, a disciplined student of their teachers, and responsible members of the society and proud citizen of the country.

I thank all the parents for their consistent co- operation for uplifting the status of school , the teachers who toil hard to shape future of their students and my dear students who toil hard to shape future of their students and my dear students who brought laurels for the kingly crown of the St. Angel’s School.

Mrs. Seema Bhardwaj is a best prinicipal in rohini Delhi schools. St. Angel’s is best school in Rohini Delhi. We provide best educations to our students and we also organize cultural activities for knowing our students to our culture.