Co-Curricular Activities

“If I hear, I forget , If I see , I remember , If I do, I never forget it”

Truly said, an activity-oriented approach is central to any learning and teaching in our school.

In order to acquire a sound basis for good conduct and action, principles of co-operation, mutual trust and honesty should be inculcated in students through activities, Angelites learn to be self reliant and yet be an essential part of a community. He/she learns to give and take, to participate, not only to win but for the pleasure and satisfaction of participating. School gives functional instruction in sculpture, clay modeling, creative art, fancy dress shows, puppet shoes, dance, music, orchestra and conducts children theatre workshops.

Cultural Programmes

Organisation of cultural programmes in school and participation in cultural competitions is a regular feature of the school. On the prestigious occasions of our country like Independence Day, Republic Day and Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi Birthday, school arranges a wide range of cultural programmes. On our other festival like Dussehra, Diwali, Id, Guru Nanak’s Birthday and Christmas Day, school actively arranges cultural activities to inculcate the best of Indian culture and tradition among its pupils equally and collectively.

Health Programmes , Games and sports

Recognizing the adage that a “HEALTHY MIND LIVES IN A HEALTHY BODY”, increasing attention is paid to the physical development of the students. A healthy competitive environment is created in the school. Regular physical exercise is conducted as part of the school curriculum. School is regularly having its Annual sports Day to inspire its student towards good health and sport. School has staged a volley ball, basketball courts and skating ground for the students. There can not be a batter place than a playground for our children preparing to enter the fray and combat for life. The moral and ethical standards need to be inculcated at this founding era: school life. School is planning to introduce some of the modern alternatives like Aerobics, Karate, Judo etc. To Keep fit, Doctor’s visit to the school will be regular feature of the school.